Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poly Hive - 15th August

I decided to buy a poly langstroth hive and all plastic frames to trial after I had read so many good reports from others about them.

The hive I bought to start with was a double medium, floor, feeder and roof. I also bought enough one piece medium plastic frames and spent an hour out in the sun painting the molten wax over them as I didn't have a small fleece roller at the time. Below is a video of John a friend of mine showing how to prepare the frames.

I shook swarmed the prime swarm from the Dartington hive into the poly hive and fed them about 3 gallons of feed over the next few weeks. Ideally it was a little late in the season to shook swarm a colony onto new undrawn frames but after a slow start they quickly drew out most of the frames and stored massive amounts of the Apinvert feed I was giving them. The queen began to lay large patches of eggs and by the end of August they looked very happy in their new home.