Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harvest time - August Part II

I decided as I will be out of action for approx 6 weeks after a minor surgery at the end of August I need to clear the super's and get the honey extracted this week. This morning the rain held off for long enough for me to fit the clearer boards with the porter bee escapes so now I will need to wait a day or two before most of the bees should move down into the brood chambers. There will always be a small number of bees who refuse to leave, but I will give them a special treat of Apiinvert to keep them happy.

Taken from - Paynes Bee farm website
Apiinvert is a syrup of extremely high purity. It is made up exclusively of sucrose and its building blocks fructose and glucose. For that reason Apiinvert contains no forms of sugar that strain the digestive tract. The high proportion of fructose means that the product shows little tendency to granulate in the honeycombs, even at low temperatures and so prevents starvation of the bees.