Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 15th - OSR

Had some real fun today and scared the wife silly at the same time.

Earlier today I went to the apiary to double check on a colony ready for their move to OSR. Once the air temps started to fall we (wife and I) went to pick up the colony. I parked the car within 40 feet of where I had chosen to site them and roughly levelled up the hive.

Pic 1 - Opening the hive
As predicted as soon as I opened the entrance hundreds began pouring out like bullets covering my hat, veil and shoulders. At this point I decided it would be a good idea to retreat some distance and let them calm down.

Pic 2 - 10 minutes later

I still had plenty running around on my veil looking for a way to get in. Sorry, I'm trying to watch the bees on my veil and not look like some cross-eyed gormless nutter wondering around the edge of an OSR field after the sun had gone down.

Pic 3 - Another 10 minutes later
The front of the hive still looking very busy. Lots of bees fanning and the odd one trying to attack the camera after each flash. All in all a fun day, never laughed so much when so many bees are so desperate to sting me.