Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23rd - Winter Check

After the last inspection I thought I'd quickly check the girls again today to see how much of the fondant they had been given had been consumed. I'm pleased they are all still alive, although a little concerned they are high in the hive and most of them are taking the fondant so early in the year. 

Funtley - 
Hive 1 - Gave them 3kg's worth as they were clustered up high in the super, this was the first time I felt the need to feed them as previously when hefted they seemed ok.
Hive 2 - Clustered reasonably high but hardly touched the fondant I'd given them already and the hive still felt reasonably weighty.
Hive 3 - Most of the fondant they had has been taken so I've given them another 3kg's and the hive felt a little light.
TBH - Not too confident they will pull through as they were a small colony in the Autumn, signs of lots of pale brown streaks on the landing board, tray and legs.

Local Apiary  (* see below)
Nuc - (small colony) Most of the fondant they had has been taken, so I've given them another 3kg's.
National - Hive is light, most of the fondant they had has been taken, so I've given them another 3Kg's.
Poly - Difficult to gauge how they are doing, but just to be safe gave them another 3kg's.

* Back in November 2010
I was made aware of a bonfire within 20 ft of my hives, the wind was blowing the smoke across the apiary and to top it off some kids decided to throw several car tyres on as well once the party was almost over. Two of the three colonies had at least 30-35+ lbs each before November and were a good size prior to the bonfire. All three colonies had far more dead bees piled up near the entrances and on the floor below the entrance hole than the last few of years.