Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bee Keepers Curse - July

Prolapsed Disc

Back in June I had mild lower back pain and severe cramp like pain through my backside and all down my right leg. After several visits to various doctors who assumed I had only tweaked a muscle and thought I wanted time off to watch the world cup... 

I was finally referred to a Bupa back specialist who took one look at me walking a few yards before telling me he thought I had a prolapsed disc and I would need a MRI to confirm. 

Two weeks later here is the telling picture.

He explained what options I had and what he could do and a week later I opted for surgery in August.

A warning to all beeks although this injury was not caused by bee keeping, look after yourself and don't try to lift a complete hive or several full supers at a time. The painkillers I was given only knocked the edge off the pain so I could cope, trying to get a good nights sleep is almost impossible.